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This is a tooltip I just love. It can be configured to look like anything (colors, borders, shadow, font, background image, …), it follows your mouse pointer, reacts instantaneously, is cross-browser compatible, well-documented and free of charge !

Walter Zorn Tooltip | download


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2 thoughts on “wz_tooltip

  1. hi! google gave me your blog site. i wonder if this spot is still active
    i just wanna ask a thing about wz_tooltip because i dont think that it is well documented..
    if im mistaken, can you give me the site for its documentation?

    can it be used with dynamic controls?
    sincerely, Leah


  2. Hi Leah. As far as documentation goes, I think this is the best you can find: It’s not much, but it’ll get you started. Also, open up the .js file for a bit of comment-documenting 😉

    Because it is javascript, you can use it for dynamic controls. I did it at work. I don’t know which language you’re using, but in .NET, you can add the attribute “onmouseover” to almost any control.

    Good luck !


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