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I found this lovely add-on for Windows XP on the blog of .derkilicious. It runs as a background process, allowing you to right-click on the titlebar of an application and rolling the contents up into the title bar.

Clicking with your middle mouse button makes it transparant. Middle-click on close button to make window stay on top, middle-click on minimize button to minimize to tray, right-click on close button to send to the back.
That’s about it. 😛

It is written in assembly, which means high performance at an extremely low memory footprint (on my laptop 164K !). ( I use WindowBlinds on another machine, which has certain skins/themes for it that offer the same roll-up functionality, but not as light as this )
Heck, this should be a standard feature in Windows (which it is in certain other OS’s).
WinRoll 2.0


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2 thoughts on “WinRoll

  1. Heck I wonder why I would ever need it… maybe it’s because I don’t have tunnelvision ? 😛


  2. You’re a guy. Of course you have tunnelvision! 😉


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