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Firefox refresh / reload bug


Just to mention: the refresh function/button in Firefox doesn’t always work correctly. Apparently, this happens whenever you use a WYSIWYG editor in a window. Examples are blog posting, rich-text e-mail composing, etc…

The bug is known at Mozilla, but so far, they haven’t provided a fix.

To workaround this bug, there is no other option than to close the window or tab containing the WYSIWYG editor, and loading the site in a new tab/window.

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13 thoughts on “Firefox refresh / reload bug

  1. Addendum: I also experienced Firefox not refreshing on a web page containing (only) Flash. Opera and IE did this like it should, but Firefox apparently couldn’t see the Flash movie had changed.


  2. In general, Firefox is not refreshing pages even after rebooting. Any ideas why this may be happening?


  3. Sometimes I have to clear all private data, to have streaming to work again on firefox.


  4. Here it is, end of 2008, and Firefox still doesn’t refresh pages with Flash properly.
    Man, They really need to get it together. Flash is just about on everything.
    Get it together already Mozilla! Years and Years with the same bug???!!!


  5. Yep, having the same problem, and now it’s 2009! It seems to be a problem with flash movies/sites that use .xml files to gather information/data – at least that’s what It seems like to me.


  6. Ctrl+F5 seems to work


  7. yes, Ctrl+F5 works but hiting the refresh button does not and this does not.
    Firefox simple will just not play the flash movie it stays stuck unless I hit ctrl+f5 or I clear my cache. WTF!!!


  8. ctrl+f5 does not work for me.


  9. That’s just because your flash is served with a specific header (may be Last-Modified), and Firefox «knows» that the flash is still the same. Check your webserver and headers, before blaming Firefox (or any other browser). That’s exactly what you do with Ctrl+F5: you disable your cache, so Firefox gets the new version. So just blame your administrator that serves content with bad cache information!


  10. it is now nearing the end of 2010 and firefox still hasnt created a FORCE REFRESH. i have to clear the entire cache (which forces me to log out of EVERYTHING, including my hosting service cpanel)

    the kid isn’t 17 anymore. google chrome sucks with flash, safari is lame, and firefox is in the middle.

    is anyone going to create a stable browser?


  11. Ha! Its 2011 and refresh in firefox still doesn’t work! even clearing the cache is still a problem… No guarantee that what you see is what you should get!


  12. Yes I am having the same problem, this sucks


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