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Firefox Performancing extension

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On the contrary to what I expected, this little extension does not -like so many others- improve the performance of Firefox. It actually brings a big part of the social functionality of Flock to Firefox. To be more precise: the blogging functionality.

It works almost exactly like it, too. The extension adds a small button on the lower right hand corner of the browser window, and when clicked, it splits the screen in two, allowing you to blog stuff to your … well, blog. 🙂 It supports technorati tags, and the blogs of Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Live Journal, MSN Spaces and a custom blog. There’s also a context menu item ‘blog this’, like in Flock.

I really like this, because now I can blog directly from my favorite browser. Flock is not yet completed, so I think I’m going to prefer the extensions in FF. Together with the extension, my Firefox now has the same social browsing skills as Flock.

Download it here.

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