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MS SourceSafe : die, please.

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That’s it. I definately decided that Microsoft’s version control software with the ironic name “SourceSafe” is spawn of the devil.

I just spent the entire morning on fixing things between IIS, VS, and SS because of a stupid namechange/directory shift. Had I used Subversion -like we do at Fusebox- I am sure I could have fixed everything in half an hour. Unfortunately, I can’t choose what version control software our client uses… 😦

Man, that stuff really got to me today. First, I was plain suspicious about it, then, I actually had to use it and I began to dislike it, but now… I simply hate it !!

(this is the 6.0 version btw, I heard MS did their best with the 2005 shipment, but that is an entirely different story, now is it)

Seriously, if you do have the choice, go for Subversion (TortoiseSVN is a beautiful tool).


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One thought on “MS SourceSafe : die, please.

  1. A little something to back this up with: read more… [ ]


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