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Internet Explorer & showing images

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God damn it !!

I’ve really had it with this piece-of-crap-piece of a software. Just a second ago, I was trying to load an image, of which the URL was forwarded from the page request to a page I use for filling the image up. Okay, that’s a lousy sentence, but still. The problem was that the image wasn’t showing up. I used Server.MapPath, UrlEncode and Base64 encoding of the image uri (it’s just a location on the server’s hard disk), and I was pretty sure the path was correct.

And still it wasn’t showing up. I didn’t get it!
Until I used the little context menu on the image (you know, “Show Picture”), and guess what… Yes, indeed. It frickin’ showed the picture.

That really boils my nuts, man. 😦


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