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Ursula Rucker performing @ Cactus Club, Bruges


Yes !! 🙂 She’s coming to Belgium again! I missed her the last time, when she came to -I think- the AB.

Ursula Rucker

She’ll be on stage the 4th of March, at the Cactus Club in Bruges (“Brugge”), Belgium. That’s kind of a long drive for me (in European terms): about 93km… But it will no doubt be worth it. I’m definately going.

More about the concert here [ ].

Her personal site can be found at, but it hasn’t been updated in a while it is now :). Listen to samples of her “Silver Or Lead” album over at the !K7 label.


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6 thoughts on “Ursula Rucker performing @ Cactus Club, Bruges

  1. Damn, chances are I can’t get there after all 😥
    There’s a company event, maybe on the same date…


  2. Yeehaa ! Luck must be my middle name, coz I just saw on her site that the day before the concert in Bruges, she’s performing in Petrol in Antwerp 🙂 Even better (saves me a long drive) !!


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  4. Best of luck aunt Urs, i hope you suceed in what you are persuing, love your nephew.


  5. Are you seriously her nephew? Wow, famous people on my blog ! :p
    I’m looking forward to her concert in Petrol, Antwerp on Friday. I’m absolutely awed by what she does…


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