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Ask yourself this: how do I want to be remembered ?

This weekend @ nite

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Stereo Sushi

  • Friday 27/01: Punk’Id :: “El Futuro EP” Release Night with Josh Lasden, Soul Phonic
  • Saturday 28/01: DJ’s Alton Miller (Detroit), Afroman

Café Capital

  • Friday 27/01: Copatletica :: Athletic Clubbing with Turntable Dubbers (timaxx vs drezz), Nikolaï (usa import) and D’Tonate (copa)

Café d’Anvers

  • Friday 27/01: Free Vibes International Edition :: Nathan Coles (Fabric), Prinz
  • Saturday 28/01: Classics :: Guy-Ohm, Tweety, Filliz & Bartholomeo, N8N

Author: pleinolijf

father | volleyballer | software engineer

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