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SQL Server Enterprise Manager table view bug?

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The next big issue has arrived, this time in SQL Server Enterprise Manager 😦

It’s like this… Today I was working on a certain database as usual, generating scripts. Nothing special, all worked fine. After lunch, I return to continue work -after surfing, e-mailing, you know- and suddenly I can’t see the contents of a table in EM !
First I’m thinking “Shit, I’ve overwritten the wrong database”, but this is not the case, as Query Analyzer tells me. This is really weird, you know: I’m a 100% sure that it is the same tables on the same database on the same server registration. QA neatly shows me the two rows of a given table, EM shows nothing, not even column headers. I can’t edit any cells and I’m also unable to get any life out of the buttons in the toolbar when in table view. And this problem persists on all registrations in my EM !!

Come to think of it, this actually happened after I executed the few create table/sproc scripts in QA, which I created earlier on. No unusual stuff showed up.

I really don’t know what caused this… I tried everything: restarting app, restarting service, restarting computer, played with network utility, … nothing! And each time QA lists the records like it should, while EM refuses to do anything.

[ edit: as I expected, the bug died automagically. Last Friday, I needed to view a table’s content, and figured “what the hell, let’s try it again, who knows”, and there it was: the table’s content. Go figure. ]


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