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Islam Cartoons

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Damn, this is one thing that went very bad very fast. Some guy posted the cartoons on his blog, and lots of people commented on it. I wrote a reply myself because I felt I had to say something in the name of “the West”, if ever such a thing exists. We’re all living on the same globe, so what’s the deal?
I especially commented on it, because of all the retards that posted stuff like “all Islams go back to your caves”, “the West will burn”, ….. Really sad, actually.

Why can’t people lighten up? I feel that the country I’m from, Belgium, is very down to earth, so sometimes I really don’t get the world. Just… relax, you know !?

My opinion is this: we should indeed preserve freedom of speech (it is essential in a successful society), but show some basic respect for other cultures/religions.
And to the people that don’t want to know about other cultures: I wish you had a better education.

Read the blogpost here, and my reaction here.

Looks like the blog I first linked belongs to some conservative guy, who kinda falls for the ‘rotten apples in a batch’ thing. A guy who reacted on that blog, has his own blog, and shows to be a tad more intelligent. I also commented on his blog today. (he uses comment moderation, so my comment might not show up yet)


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One thought on “Islam Cartoons

  1. Thanks for saying such kind words about me, and stopping by my blog. I appreciate your understanding as well. I hope all westerners are the same as you are.

    Let’s stop the hating, and live together in peace without insults or degradation.


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