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A simple, but very good idea. Keep track of all your comments on the six major blogging services (Blogger, MSN Spaces, MySpace, TypePad, WordPress and Xanga).

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coComment [ ]

UPDATE: Dewayne Mikkelson pointed me to this [ SolutionWatch ]. The extra manual click for activating coComment can be automated through a script. Just install GreaseMonkey [ ] (a FF extension to execute user scripts on web pages), and right-click on the link to the script, selecting “Install User Script…”. Done !

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4 thoughts on “coComment

  1. Looks like you get an invitation code for free if you sign up on the Cocomment site… I just received my code, after I signed up for the newsletter 🙂
    Trying it out now…


  2. Hm..pretty nifty. They ask you to drag a button to your toolbar (which is nothing more than a piece of javascript). Then, when you are entering a comment on a blog, you press the coComment button on your toolbar, that’s it! It will show your coComment username next to the comment submit button. When you submit your comment, it is duplicated on the coComment web site.

    Not bad…


  3. Thanks ! That makes it perfect 🙂


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