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Meebo, Bringing IM to the Web


Well, I know of WebMessenger, but this site is really cool: it enables you to chat on six different networks (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, Jabber, GoogleTalk, MSN), all on the same site. You don’t need to download anything, just fill in your credentials, and you’re ready to chat away.

Very nicely done. (By only three people!)

meebo [ ]

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7 thoughts on “Meebo, Bringing IM to the Web

  1. Checking it out…


  2. I love meebo but my school blocked it is there any way to over drive it


  3. Probably not, unless you have access to another network. Meebo probably uses HTTP protocol, and I don’t know if it would help for them to allow you to choose another port through which to communicate. It might still get blocked by the school’s network.
    Try Googling for alternatives maybe? Sorry I can’t be of more help… Good luck !


  4. Meebo is pretty hot. The alternative is to connect to things like MSN Web Messenger.


  5. i used meebo till about a week back. now when i try n sign on, it gives an error. it says java script required or something like that. bottom line is i cant sign on into either yahoo or msn. wat do i do??


  6. I didn’t develop Meebo, I’m only linking to it 🙂
    You’re looking for their support forums…


  7. Dudes, you could try


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