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Some more blog buttons

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… for the sites I have linked, but couldn’t find a button for it.

  • tweakers.png
  • homepage.png
  • Flock.png

These are a few I found on Steal These Buttons [ ]

  • sourceforge.gif
  • wikipedia.gif
  • Flickr.gif

Update 1: new links, new buttons:

  • up2sth.png
  • Webby's World
  • 0 Gravity
  • AtariBoy

Update 2:

  • NoDesktopHero
  • SpaanseTapas
  • OOo
  • djmancini

Update 3:

  • Charlo
  • djmancini2
  • AtariBoy2

Update 4:

  • D’oh ! Still hadn’t added my CoComments button. Shame on me. myCoComments

Update 5:

  • Button for my Live Space: MyLiveSpace

Update 6:

  • Button for new blog linked: Dosis

Update 7:

  • Button for my LinkedIn profile: My LinkedIn

Update 8:

  • Button for the Pidgin IM Client: Pidgin

Update 9:

  • Button for the Digsby IM Client: Digsby

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