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Where Have My Pages Gone To ?!

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WTF ! Suddenly the pages on my blog all disappeared ! Even in the admin screens I can’t see a single page, but I had five ! Is WordPress updating their software or are there server maintenances? I don’t get it. I’m sure I did nothing wrong (I’m a web dev, how can I 😉 ).

Very weird… 😦

Update: hm… they’re upgrading the service apparently, so I guess I’ll have to wait a bit, but still: why just my pages? I’ll keep an eye out on it…

Update 2: nah.. this is too weird. I’ll recreate my pages, cause I can still find them clicking on search (pages in WP are actually posts, so…). I wonder what happened exactly, though.

Update 3: God damn it ! There’s something seriously wrong here, man ! I created a new page; it actually shows up in my dashboard-manage pages, but when I go to the page, it just links it wrong ! It jumps to, and inputting also jumps to the main page. You guys at WordPress better be working on it 😉

Update 4: Oh, now I get it. My pages turned into posts (see update 2). I’m pretty sure it’s due to the update over at WordPress. Let’s sit this one out for a couple of days. On the support forum there are several other users that also have weird behaving blogs…

Final update: Hm, they’re slowly getting there. I noticed today that when I recreate my old pages (which were converted to posts, apparently) and set their status to published, that they appear alright on the frontpage. I’ll leave it at that. I’m content. 🙂


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