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De Wael 28

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This weekend I went to a restaurant with my girlfriend, together with another couple. I had to pick the restaurant and had to take into account that Gaëlle (Peter’s girlfriend) is a vegetarian. Luckily, she does eat fish, which makes it a lot easier; but still. I looked around on (the best site to search for a restaurant in Belgium), and after eliminating several candidates, I chose De Wael 28.

Man, what a good choice if I do say so myself. The main dish was the best meal I’ve eaten, ever ! And quite original too. They have this whole ‘communist’ idea going on (which explains their logo). You can order several dishes and have them set it in the middle of the table. You then share the dishes with your table companions.
You can also pick two dishes, so you get half a dish of each. Ideal for trying out their menu real fast 🙂

The restaurant is a typical Antwerp mansion (“herenhuis”), beautifully decorated in a very stylish manner. The service is perfect, waiters are very friendly and correct. Going to the restroom is something you just have to do, even when you don’t ‘feel the need’ to 😉 Just trust me on this one.

It is just simply impossible to choose from the menu. When we finally did (after about 15 minutes!), and the waiter comes to take our order, he starts by summing up all the suggestions of De Wael 28. Really original dishes that sound like poetry. The choice, as you may have guessed, is big.

We drank a very good South African wine as well, for only €16 a bottle ! That’s half the usual price for such things.

We are definately going back there.

Visit their site [ ] for more information.


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