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Eddy Merckx Donates Bicycle to Fidel Castro

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Last Monday, the legendary Belgian cyclist Eddy Merckx donated one of his quality bicycles to the Cuban president Fidel Castro out of respect for his commitment to promote the cycling sport on the island.
He gave the bicycle -a blue one with two small cuban flags- to the president of the Cuban Olympic Comittee (COC), José Ramon Fernandez, during a ceremony of the COC. “I hope that he (Fidel Castro) will use it”, explained Merckx. “We will the deliver the bicycle today”, answered Fernandez. “We know that he has always supported the sport in Cuba.”
On Saturday, Eddy Merckx had already given the cuban government 1,000 bicycles in name of the Belgian national lottery. They are intended for the sportsmen and doctors of the province Guantanamo, east of the island. “I am very proud of this action. I think that sports should unite people”, said Merckx.

Translated from Gazet van Antwerpen [ ]

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