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Flock 0.5.11 Released


Wow! Just wow.

It’s only a tiny improvement version number-wise, but a huge improvement in features/functionality/completeness. If you’re a regular blogger, like I have become lately, this is just wonderful. You really need to check this out. I can use a lot of words, like so: “blogging with ease: with the topbar, you can browse your Flickr account with literally two mouse clicks. Or browse Technorati tags in it. Or even better: use it as a shelf, copying pieces of text from other sites, and then pasting them into your blog post”.

But I’d rather you check the ‘demos’ out on this blog. Click on the pictures, they will open a GIF and show you how easy it is to blog in Flock, and manage your Flickr account.

Bear in mind that this is still a developer release, meaning that it is not a finished product. It may crash and it may simply not work. It is meant to give an impression of what will be possible with Flock.

I wish Flock 1.0 was already here 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Flock 0.5.11 Released

  1. Thank you for the positive feedback regarding Flock!

    1.0? What does a version number really mean? I do look forward to “getting people in the browser” and a more integrated and complete experience.

    All the best to you,
    Lloyd D Budd
    Flock QA (Qommunity and quality Assurance)
    Flock /
    Mobile / 415-419-4352
    blog /


  2. My pleasure.

    That is what I meant with the version number 😉
    Keep up the excellent work !


  3. its a bot … a flock lloyd bot


  4. You might be right, because it required moderation, while I don’t use moderation on my blog… Now I feel like a n00b. 😦


  5. lol


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