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Shadows, the alternative

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The latest public Flock version, 0.5.11, hinted me to Shadows, which is a social bookmarking tool.
It is in every way much alike, but with Shadows, I can make certain favorites private, which is exactly what I needed (I don’t know if it is possible in, but I don’t think so). Now I don’t have two favorites lists anymore (on my work laptop and my home desktop), and I can access them from anywhere 🙂 Like I said, does this as well, but can’t just throw all my favorites online publicly.

I just hope they invest in more servers when they get bigger, because the site feels a lot slower than I’ll be using Shadows for the moment, and I’ll evaluate eventually which of the services is better. I know that there are even more services like this available, but I’ll check them maybe later…

Shadows [ ]

Here are the buttons:

  • shadows Shadows
  • my shadows MyShadows
  • shadow me ShadowMe
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