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Foxmarks – Sync Your Bookmarks

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Allow me to explain.

I use two computers: my laptop at work, each weekday from roughly 9 to 5, and my desktop home pc every other time. Because I spend most time on my work machine, my laptop has the most updated bookmarks (at home, I don’t surf around as much :p). And I don’t want to manually copy bookmarks.htm around, so I thought services like and Shadows could provide some sort of solution.
Well, they don’t. They are good for social bookmarking, but not to keep bookmarks synchronized between two different machines, obviously. Besides, you want bookmarks to be fast and accessible from within the browser, not some webpage.

And then there is FoxMarks

It’s an extension (thank you Mozilla) which does nothing more than uploading your bookmarks to a server, and synchronizing each Firefox installation that runs Foxmarks and has your Foxcloud account set up. So you can even ‘share’ your bookmarks with someone, if this need should arise.

It is still in beta, but doesn’t look like it (works great).
Only for FF 1.5 (which isn’t a problem, isn’t it).

It is exactly what I needed. Sometimes the simplest of programs can be the most essential.

Foxmarks [ ]
Foxcloud blog [ ]

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One thought on “Foxmarks – Sync Your Bookmarks

  1. this is going to be pretty useful for me


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