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Tab Mix Plus & Download Statusbar Firefox Extensions

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Two more extension I’d like to put a spotlight on.

First, the most exciting one: Tab Mix Plus [ ].
It has way more functionality than TabPreferences, which I used before this. It has all the basic stuff, like defining custom mouse click events, tab open/close behaviour etc. Added bonus is the appearance of tabs, and recovering closed tabs. But what I really love, and missed about Firefox in comparison to Opera, is the ability to recover your browsing session after a browser crash or manual/auto shutdown. That was a real plus for Opera, and now FF has it too 🙂

The second extension – Download Statusbar [ ] – I briefly touched in the past, but didn’t really like it. The latest version however is somewhat improved. It looks better, and has loads of options to customize to your liking. It replaces the standard download popup window of Firefox, and puts your downloads at the bottom of the browser window, just above the statusbar.


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