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Loremo 157mpg (1,5l/100km) Concept Car


Loremo AG is a German company that is planning to bring a super fuel-efficient car on the market by 2009.
It has a two-cylinder diesel engine producing 20bhp, and weighs only 992 pounds (450kg). This, in combination with a very aerodynamic design, results in a 157 miles to the gallon fuel-efficiency (or 1,5 litre / 100km)!
Better yet, it will be widely available pretty soon at a very low price as well: less than €11,000 !


There will be two models available:

  • Loremo LS
    • 2-cyl turbo diesel, 15 kW / 20 bhp
    • 0-100km/h in 20 sec.
    • top speed: 160km/h
    • 1,5l/100km (1300km with a full tank)
    • price: €11,000
  • Loremo GT
    • 3-cyl turbo diesel, 36 kW / 50 bhp
    • 0-100km/h in 9 sec.
    • top speed: 220km/h
    • 2,7l/100km (800km with a full tank)
    • price: € 15,000

Loremo [ ]

Update: Loremo updated their web site. Pay them a visit! (I updated the link above).

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6 thoughts on “Loremo 157mpg (1,5l/100km) Concept Car

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  2. Dear folks:

    In 1986 I drove my custom car “AVION” from mexico to vancover BC canada and averaged 103.7 MPG

    I am sure that with the improvement in engines I could get at least 157 mpg.

    Craig Henderson


  3. Hi
    Sounds great. I want one. I drive almost 100 miles a day and I dont like the oil companies.

    Can use it now. Steve


  4. I live in the united states. I will be willing to pay 35,000 dollars for one of your cars! How can I get one??


  5. How can I get one???


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