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Parties this weekend

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Friday 24th

  • Café d’Anvers: “Gigolo Label Night” with Terence Fixmer & Dr. Lektroluv. Furthermore: Eric”powa”b, dj Low, Magnetik, Nemio, Jhonny s.Mad
  • Petrol: King Tubby’s Soundsystem (UK), Original Uman, Liones§ Rebelation

Some people need to celebrate something… 🙂

Saturday 25th

  • Tijuana: “2 Years Tijuana” with Maalik and Bobby Ewing (Discobar Galaxie)
  • Industria: “5 Years Club Industria” with Bill, Delafino, Steve, Grammi & Younsi
  • Culture Club: “Rock and Roll Highschool” with Goose (live), David Gilmour Girls (live), Erol Alkan, Simian Mobile Disco, Black & Dekker, Mademoiselle Jean, Jonasty, Tom Derie
  • Café d’Anvers: “Invites…” with Monte La Rue (Amsterdam, Maison Rouge), Bartholomeo, Tweety, Filliz / Twinz
  • Cafe Capital: “Play” with Andre Kraml (Firm, Cologne), Idjut Boys, Micanik & Trailerkids
  • Petrol: A Brand (live), Nono Newton (live), Fredo & Thang, Louis Katorz, Nils Holgerffun & Ricky La Fête
  • Fuse: Alex Smoke (live), Aki, St. Dic, Deg

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