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About the latest weeks…


I haven't been able to write a lot on my blog, as my personal (and to a lesser extent, professional) life has become extremely busy. The Dodentocht® is coming closer, I have to organise two bachelor's parties for June, loads of todos left on my list, etc etc.

But the main reason is that Annemie and I have found an appartment. We're actually already renting the place, but there is some work to do in it, before we can move in. We also need several critical stuff (like a huge bed :)). It's located next to the historical centre of the city of Antwerp. Very close to the river Scheldt, in a dead-end street, so it is right in the middle of the crowded centre, but also very quiet. It's an old building, with high ceilings and a lovely plant on the front (which is blossoming right now). It has a mezzanine in the living room, and a small court in the back.

I'm really looking forward to moving in there together with my girlfriend, but like I said: work needs to be done (especially painting), so I won't be posting much around here. On top of that, we have planned our vacation to Spain in the first two weeks of June, so it'll be a long time before I become a bit more active on the blogging part.

Just so you know 😉 I'll try and post a pic of the house some time soon …


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2 thoughts on “About the latest weeks…

  1. Congrats on the new appartment! May it be fun for you and your gf…
    And good luck in Spain! You’re gonna bring me a bull as a gift, aren’t you? 🙂


  2. Thanks man! I’m very excited about this, and been waiting for it several years…
    I’m not sure about that bull tho’ 😉


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