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On vacation in España


This will be my last post for the next two weeks. I’m leaving tomorrow morning with my girlfriend on a holiday in Spain. The plain will take off in Brussels Airport at 09:15 and we will arrive in Madrid around noon. We’ll stay there for a week, visit Toledo by train, and spend the rest of our vacation in Barcelona, from where we’ll return to Belgium on Saturday morning 9 o’clock.

I’ll take loads of pictures of course, but I’m not yet sure whether I will be able to put them online… Eventually, I will, though 😉

Ciao !


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4 thoughts on “On vacation in España

  1. That was a precise description!
    Anyways, hope you have a great time!


  2. I hope that when u visited Barcelona u noticed that u were in Catalonia, not Spain. Hope u enyoed ur trip.


  3. *sigh* As far as I know, Catalunya is not a country. At least not officially. And I am aware of the struggle the people of Catalunya are still involved in. We went to see a very interesting exhibition about the history of this region, and I feel very related to them.
    However, it is not officially recognized as a separate region. You don’t hear me talking about Flanders instead of Belgium, do you? Although I feel more Flemish than I do Belgian.
    But in any case, my respects go to the Catalonian people. I liked the way the language was so different from Spanish. Much more French influences.
    It was indeed a great vacation, and we did enjoy it a lot !


  4. Fair enough. Glad u liked it.


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