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Jurassic 5 performing in Brussels

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Today I am a happy man.

When ordering tickets for the concerts of Sergent Garcia (at the AB) and Maceo Parker (at the Blue Note Records Festival – All That Jazz? in Ghent), my eye fell on a simple entry in the list stating that no other than the J5 MC’s were coming to the Ancienne Belgique. Fantastic, of course, especially ’cause I was just recently going on about how they seldom come to Europe, let alone Belgium.

So now they’re finally coming 🙂 Needless to say, I ordered my tickets instantaneously (and at €20, that’s hella-cheap ! The concert of The Roots is €10 more expensive!). Thanks to their new album, no doubt, they will pass through Europe. It’s called Feedback, and together with this newness they also upgraded their web site a bit, which was kindof needed as well 😉 Production of the album is no longer in the capable hands of Cut Chemist – as he is aiming to go solo – but producer/DJ Nu-Mark will take this one on his account. I’m pretty confident it won’t suck. 🙂

Anyway, got some work to do. Enjoy good music !

Jurassic 5 [ ]
J5 @ AB [ ]

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