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Launchy – Windows application launcher

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Remember when I talked about Colibri? Well, this is -in short- exactly the same thing, only way better.

Colibri had a lot of bugs, and wasn’t very customizable. This one is. You can skin it, select which files or folders to index, and especially: the indexing is lightning fast, you hardly notice it. Indexing meant the downfall of Colibri for me, as it indexed my start menu with every logon, and that took a whole minute (!).

If you’re into application (keystroke) launchers, you can’t go past this one.

Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher for Windows [ ]

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One thought on “Launchy – Windows application launcher

  1. Hell yeah… I remember… ow time flies by you know… where is that time when we hardly saw the sun… that january 31th… hmmm…


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