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A World without Humans

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I carry with me a great respect and awe for nature. It’s just simply amazing how nature is able to always land back on its feet. And to always find a perfect balance between the myriad of species (fauna and flora). I don’t believe in a God or something like that, but if I must believe in something, than Mother Nature would be a fine candidate.

The articles below sketch a planet Earth without the human lifeform. We are the most dominating species, or certainly the most influencial. In a bad way, that is. So what is written depicts a world how it should have been. In perfection, thanks to the workings of natural ecosystems.

Mind you, I’m not against the human race, I just hate how we can’t live with our world in harmony. Native -un-industrialized- people have proven that we, as humans, can in fact live together with nature just fine. The problem is that there are simply too many of us, and that we are too curious, and too greedy. Sadly enough.

Very interesting article Imagine Earth Without People [ ].
Here another (shorter) one: What If All Humans Vanished [ ].

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