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State of the World’s Population


In (embarrasing) contrast to my previous post, here’s something to think about…

Miniature Earth [ ]


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2 thoughts on “State of the World’s Population

  1. whoa. thanks for posting this link, total reality check. I think I found your site via googling Ursula Rucker. I was lucky enough to see her live tonight in Vancouver BC. Wow!! Short set in a semi-shitty club but she’s got the ‘tude & presence. Pretty cool to hear some of the tunes I dig from her live.


  2. I’m glad you liked it. Personally, I feel things like that are required once in a while, to fuel one’s relativism and sense of reality.

    You’re someone of good taste, being interested in Ursula Rucker 😉
    Thanks for the comment !


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