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Olympus SP-550 UZ: 18x optical zoom


For those of you -like me- keeping an eye out on bridge digital cameras, Olympus announced this little banger a few weeks ago (forgot to blog about it). 18x zoom capability in a SLR-like digital camera.

Read the press release over at here.

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15 thoughts on “Olympus SP-550 UZ: 18x optical zoom

  1. I have a Olympus Sp550 and its kind of new (3 weeks).. I have a ZOOM ERROR Mesagge and its turning off so i cant use it.. helppppp

    thank you


  2. I’m just a blogger man, not a product support helpdesk ! 😉

    I suggest you go to their site and look for a firmware update of some sort.
    If not, or if that doesn’t fix the problem, you can always send it back to them,
    I’m sure you still have a valid warranty on the camera.

    On dpreview you can also find a talk forum of Olympus:
    Maybe someone has the same problem you have.

    Good luck !


  3. I have had the same problem only 3 weeks after getting the camera. It has not been shipped UPS to the factory repair center and NY. Will see how that goes. I chose this camera over the Sony Cypershot DSC H9. I am now wondering that was a mistake. Camera failed on week long trip to St. Lucia! OUCH!


  4. I just cot my Olymous UZ-550. I got “zoom error” when I had UV Filter attached to it with an adoptor. As soon I took the UV filter our the error disappeared. I still am not happy because I do want to use the filter.


  5. I had the same problem and was quite upset until I thought of a way around this. The error seems to be due to the lens becoming off axis and not extending. I was able to turn on the camera by lying it down flat on its back so the lens will extend straight up when the camera is powered up. Once it is turned on, it seems ok to move it back in its normal position.
    So far so good – and it is free…


    • Thanks for this suggestion! My camera starting giving me the ‘zoom error’ message and I was really freaking out. I have small kids and use my camera alot, so the thought of being without it while it was repaired was really upsetting to me…especially since I only purchased the camera a few months ago. After reading this I tried it, and it worked! I had to turn the camera on and off 3 or 4 times but ultimately it worked.

      Thanks so much!


  6. Helper’s help is appreciated. We had the same thing and having the camera lying on its back almost helped. I took several tries and some shaking we had to apply when trying to power up the camera. Eventually, after some gentle hits – it worked, and the zoom is still operating.


    • Thanks everyone, lying on its back and a few gentle hits also worked for me after 3 or 4 attempts, great tip!!


  7. Thanks!!!. It is working!! try to shake and a few gentle hits..


  8. OLYMPUS suxx.. camera fail to perform with the same error.. DONT EVER BUY A OLYMPUS!!!


  9. Agree. Thing is crap and the after warranty fixes are horribly expensive.


  10. Thanks a million for the tip. It worked like a charm


  11. My cam is Olympus SP-570UZ. It produces clicking noise and “Zoom Error” message. I tried the tip, yet it didn’t work. Please help!


    • I’m also getting the same error. Even i tried this tip. It dint work. Please help. I have an important program to capture.



  12. same problem…olympus sz-20,zoom error,doesn’t want to open….6 mnths old….tried to lie it down,nothing….


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