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Groove Armada – Soundboy Rock

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Groove Armada released their new album a few weeks ago. I don’t have it yet, but you can bet it will grace my collection in a few days…

Album tracklisting:

  1. Hasta Luego Mr. Fab
  2. Get Down
  3. The Things We Could Share
  4. Save My Soul
  5. What’s Your Version?
  6. Paris
  7. Love Sweet Sound
  8. The Girls Say
  9. Lightsonic
  10. Soundboy Rock
  11. Drop That Thing
  12. Song 4 Mutya (Out Of Control)
  13. From The Rooftops
  14. See What You Get
  15. What’s Your Version? (Reprise )
  16. Feel The Same Featuring Angie Stone

Hear them over there: Groove Armada – Soundboy Rock [ ]

Flemish review here [ ]
English review here [ ]

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