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Compact Camera Design Challenge

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Thom Hogan owns a blog like so many of us, and is an enthusiastic photographer, also like so many of us. And undoubtly, he also is not really pleased with the compact digital camera products that any brand is marketing.
We all buy them, but the more serious photographers are not all that satisfied with them, including myself. I just recently bought a new digicam (Sony DSC-H9), and for the price I only got more features, but no improvement in image quality. If only this camera had a bigger sensor, all would be good. That is what I personally feel the digicam companies just don’t get. Or to put it in other words: they get it, but they refuse to implement it to protect their SLR products, on which they make the big profits.

Anyway: Thom actually addresses these companies and challenges them to come up with the design he proposes. Good initiative. I would happily pay €1000 (that’s about $1300 I guess) for a digicam with his specs. Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji, … are you reading this?!

Thom Hogan’s Compact Camera Challenge [ ]


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