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Sony DSC-R1

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I made up my mind: I had to have a large sensor digital camera. I looked at all that the big brands had to offer, but they were all DSLRs with their known shortcomings (changing lenses, only Olympus has Live View, etc…).

So naturally I end up with that special camera everyone talks about. At the time (but even now it would be) it caused a shockwave on the digital camera market. It was a design that no-one else dared to engineer: a large (APS-C size) sensor, combined with a fixed lens. So essentially, you get the one major benefit of a DSLR -a large sensor combined with a great lens and thus delivering fantastic image quality- and the easy of use of a ‘consumer digicam’ -live view, no hassle with several lenses, AND affordable-. Read more about the R1 and why it is so unique here [ ].

The fabulous Sony R1 has been around for a while (Q4 2005), but it wasn’t that cheap, not to mention never available again. Ever. So I started looking on second-hand sites and as lucky as I usually am *ahem*, I found someone who was selling his R1 for a really good price, together with a camera bag, filters, second battery, etc… Suffice to say, it didn’t take me long to decide and place a bid 🙂

He accepted and as of yesterday (Wednesday15/08/2007) I am now the proud owner of a Sony DSC-R1. I went out for some snaps yesterday evening, of which I uploaded a few to my Flickr site. Expect more -many more- to come very soon 😉


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