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Life is taking its Corners

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Sooner than expected/planned, the lives of my girlfriend and me are taking corners pretty fast.

On the 31st of November 2007, I asked her to marry me. Being the lucky bastard that I am, she said yes (otherwise, I wouldn’t be posting anything here, obviously). So good news !

But then a few weeks after, we received word that we had to move out of our appartment in Antwerp by the first of July 2008. We have been searching for a house to buy in the area of Klein-Brabant since then, and currently we’re very close to accomplishing that.

So a busy period for me once again (after the 7 months work at Huntsman), in which I won’t be posting very often. But who knows, once we have moved I might use my blog for posting the progress of garden work. And when children arrive, I’ll certainly have something to talk about! 🙂

All you readers (should that even be plural?) take care, enjoy life and prove yourself to the world. [ -> consider that my New Year’s message for 2008 ]


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One thought on “Life is taking its Corners

  1. Your reader loves the idea of the garden-work-progress-blog. 😉


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