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Suggest Friends on Facebook – also for ‘Senior’ Users


If you’re not yet on Facebook, either go register yourself, or stop reading now.

As some of you might know, you can suggest friends to other Facebook users. For instance, when a good friend you know joins Facebook after you invited him/her, Facebook automatically tries to help the new user get more connections. There will be a link under their profile picture saying “Suggest Friends for <friend’s name>”.
But, when you happen to ‘discover’ a friend, that has been on Facebook for some time, and has several friends, Facebook does not offer you this kind of action to perform.

I actually needed this for a friend I found by just searching for his name. He used an e-mail alias when registering for Facebook, so I didn’t find him by importing my webmail contacts. This friend and I have a lot of friends in common, but somehow he never added any of them. So, obviously, I wanted to suggest all those friends to him. I looked around and searched, but was unable to find anything of the kind in all the menus and links on Facebook.
Googled a bit, and found out that indeed, Facebook doesn’t offer the friends suggest option on profiles of people that have been registered for some time (no idea what that timespan is though).

So I did some snooping of my own and found that you can simply use the address of someone’s profile (in the style of and type &suggestfriends directly behind it and press enter. Now the profile will show up again, but with the suggest friends box on top of it.

Suggest friends for Filip Lejon [ ]

Update: I don’t know if this option was available earlier, but in any case, you can now suggest friends for anyone, by clicking a small link all the way at the bottom of someone’s profile page. Noticed that after I wrote this post. Makes it just a bit easier 😉

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34 thoughts on “Suggest Friends on Facebook – also for ‘Senior’ Users

  1. Ingenious:-) I would not have figured that out on my own. Thank you!


  2. Hello..

    awesome! Ive looked around for that many times now.



  3. Thank you very much!

    I’m bookmarking this page 🙂


  4. Hey great stuff 🙂

    I stuns me just how easy the solution to that problem is. I’m more than surprised the Facebook-folks haven’t just made it a standard app loooooong time ago.

    I took the liberty to translate your findings in to danish, and publish it on the blog –


  5. @Ken Ley: no problem. You did a better job than I did, with screenshots even ! 😉 Please note that I updated this post, and you can also just click a link to suggest friends (it’s very small and all the way at the bottom). Maybe we just overlooked that …


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  7. Thanks a ton!


  8. You are a genius….


  9. Thank youuuuuu


  10. Great! Many many thanks!!


  11. Thanks for the tip — It worked perfectly. 🙂


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  13. Works perfectly-thanks. How you figured that one out is beyond me-cheers.


  14. GREAT tip! Thank you!


  15. nice. thank you.


  16. Well, in my face of facebook – first go to your friends page. In the same column of profile pic of the person, just below of all certain special infos (mutual friends, photos, friends..) is the “suggest friends for..” link shown in blue.

    thats probably the more common way of using it 🙂


  17. @Sauli: This post is now more than 14 months old. There have been a few updates in the meantime 😉

    At the time of writing, the link you mention only appeared on relatively ‘new’ people on Facebook. Once they reached a certain ‘maturity’ or ‘age’ (defined internally by Facebook – might simply be the number of friends one has), that link would disappear. This post provided a workaround at the time.

    But indeed, nowadays, that link is shown always, making this post and any comments on it quite redundant. The shortcut still works though.


  18. Wow! I didn’t expect it to work for some reason, but it’s perfect! Thank you x


  19. Nice Article, just wanted to add that since the profile IDs have been replaced by the usernames by many users. You have to do this….. ‘?suggestfriends=’ at the end. For example,


  20. Good stuff! Would have taken me WAY too long to find that myself.


  21. Thank you so much ! An easy thing … but hard to find !


  22. Thanks a lot for the tips :p
    When you suggest friends to someone, are the invitations sent to the friends you suggest or do this suggestion only appear in the suggestions boy of your friends facebook?


  23. When you suggest friends to someone, an e-mail is sent to each of those selected friends. The friend to which you suggest other friends, does not receive anything.


  24. I tried this, and it does not work if they have chosen themselves a user name and you don’t have a user number for them. However, there is a link under all their boxes on the left hand side that says “Suggest friends for _____”, “Remove from friends” and “Share”

    Hope this helped.


  25. thanks god you told me, i was in a great problem becoz of it!


  26. Thanks !! Worked perfectly.


  27. hello i am from dublin


  28. I need chating friends on facebook


  29. thankyou oh wise sage.
    it’s taken me HOURS to get to your solution


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