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I Like To Move It, Move It

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It’s coming to a close.

This Friday we will be moving from our apartment in Antwerp’s city center to our recently bought house in Bornem. It will be a day of heavy lifting, driving between the city and the municipality, accompanied with some healthy stress.
In the same weekend, we will be painting the living room, and a friend of ours will be replacing the ceiling in the bedroom.

This is possible thanks to the huge garage we have, because of the bel-etage (don’t know the english equivalent of it) layout of the building. It means that the garage and hallway comprise the entire ground floor, meaning space for two very large cars, or our entire household 🙂

From that weekend on, we will finally be living in our new house (can I have a w00t?).

In the week following, we’ll be changing our residency and painting the bedroom. I also have to fix us up with an Internet connection, and HD satellite TV and radio ASAP. Sure hope the latter doesn’t give me too much troubles…

I’ll miss the conveniency of living close to absolutely everything, but I sure as hell won’t miss the tourists and the lack of parking space 🙂

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