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CPeX @ Pukemarock 2008 !!!


YES !! Thank you, Lord !
The legendary and totally ass-kicking Clement Peerens Explosition is performing at the Pukemarock festival in Puurs in September. I am so stoked about them getting together again and touring Belgium !

Several years ago, they ruled the rock scene in Flanders with their combination of no-nonsense, hard rock and humour on stage. The music most reminds me of the equally great AC/DC, but combined with a hilarious sense of humour (the front man, Clement Peerens, is actually Hugo Matthysen, and together with the former drummer, “Vettige” Swa De Bock, or Bart Peeters, they have their own crazy radio show “Het Leugenpaleis”, and a TV version “Het Peulengaleis”).

I remember when I was younger and totally loving their performances with CPeX. I simply thought it was genious! You get to rock out ànd crack yourself up with their jokes. Brilliant.

Are you ready veur den Dikke Lu ?

Read about them on Wikipedia (NL) here.
Their official site is of course
If you’re on Facebook, become their fan by joining this group.
If you’re on Facebook and attending Pukemarock, join this group.

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2 thoughts on “CPeX @ Pukemarock 2008 !!!

  1. Joew Filip!
    Ben ze op hun nieuwe tour ondertussen al 2 keer gaan bewonderen, maar denk dat Pukemarock nummer 3 ga worden 😉
    De shaaw is ni gelaak soemmige aandere muzikaante, mor recht veur de raap, ongeloofelaak bangelaak, … allez, GENEN boucht van dunaldi!
    Pakt mor al zeker e pakske chieps mee, ge wet noeit as er is iemand hoeger é.


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