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We have as good as made up our minds about a destination for our honeymoon, which will most likely be happening in the end of November. Morocco !

Initially, we thought of going to Egypt, but first of all, it’s kind of expensive, and we’ll be needing money this year (purchase of new house, wedding in November + possible additions/enhancements to the house). Secondly, we figured it’s better to take out a few more days (say a min. of 12) and do a complete trip of the most interesting places of Egypt (including Cairo, Alexandria, excursion on the desert with open-sky sleeping facilities -as in: on the sand-, Luxor, cruising the Nile and visiting the ancient temples, and Aswan).

So, looking at other countries, I was hugely interested in doing Syria (Damascus!), but in that time of year, it’s not very warm there, and it is a honeymoon you know, so that ended up on the wishlist.

Lybia had some hidden gems, but that country is hard to get in (visa), and not all that ‘stable’…

Of course popular Morocco holds the best cards then: decent enough temperature in Nov/Dec, plenty of historical sites, easy to visit… We wanted to stay for about 8 days, and mainly in Marrakech.

A friend of mine at work (the surfer dude from actually did about the same trip some time ago, and gave me some more tips on the region (he loved Ouarzazate and Essaouira). I used his advice and we visited a local travel agency, that gave us mucho kilos of reading material on the matter.

But we already made up our mind, to be honest. So we’ll soon be returning to the agency to book our honeymoon. They offer a combi of 4 days Marrakech (in a lovely riad), and 3 days in Ouarzazate (probably hotel there to really relax – we’ll be doing tough ‘field trips’ there 🙂 ). All we have to decide upon is which riad / hotel we want to book. One of our favs is this one (can be found on site of Jetair, for instance): Riad Dar El Kheir [ ].

Something warm to look forward to in winter :o]


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4 thoughts on “Honeymoon

  1. Congratulations on your marriage! I think it’s great to marry the one you’ve known and liked for a long time. Unlike here, in Egypt, it’s not accepted socially to indulge in a close marital-like relationship before marriage.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay in Morocco. It’s a very friendly country, afaik. And we’d like to see you in Egypt next time!


  2. Hey Haisook, thanks ! Yeah, I’m not a muslim, so it’s socially ok in most of Europe, although not so very long ago, Christianity had about the same idea about that (you know: no sex before marriage, and living together unmarried was also not done). No offense, but it’s times like that why I like being an atheist 🙂

    I will most definately visit Egypt in the future, as it is simply a must-see for anyone that loves to travel like myself. Even if it’s only to just see the pyramids, the only World Wonder of old still standing. And like I said, I would like to do it right, and unfortunately that requires money, preparation and enough days off from work, none of which I have plenty of at the moment 😉


  3. I will search our lonely planet guide back and if interested you may always use him this winter for the honeymoon…


  4. Congrats on the wedding part!
    I hope you’ll be enjoying your stay in Morocco.


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