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Firefox 3: Disabling Automatic Virus Scan on Completed Downloads


For those of you out there using one of the real browsers (among others, I am pointing at Firefox), you might find that version 3 of Firefox, while being a brilliant browser for the rest, built-in virusscan on completed downloads is a bit annoying. In my case, it always freezes for about two seconds while initiating the scan. Plus, having a good virusscanner already active, I don’t really see the point.

You can disable this feature by typing about:config in the address bar, and then filtering on Double click this line to set the value to false.

Problem solved.


Author: pleinolijf

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19 thoughts on “Firefox 3: Disabling Automatic Virus Scan on Completed Downloads

  1. good to know. I’ll shut this off at home. Just to be safe, I’ll leave it on at work.


  2. that was pissing me off, cheers


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  4. thanks alot! kinda annoying…


  5. Thanks. I was about to switch back to Internet Explorer.


  6. Thank you!!! That was bugging the shit outta me. Made downloading three small pictures from a trusted source take about 20 seconds.


  7. thanks it was pissing me off with files that had no viruses


  8. Awesome. Thanks alot. My computer would freeze for a good 5 minutes every time it scanned.


  9. great tip, thanks


  10. Thanks for this simple trick. My Firefox was ALWAYS deleting downloads aftre virus scan, and this was getting REALLY annoying. Problem solved by disabling Virus Scan in FF3


  11. How good is that scanner anyway? Is it always up to date, or only every new firefox version?


  12. As far as I know, it uses the scanner installed on your system. Seems pretty obvious…


  13. It may be you av thats the problem. Ive not noticed any problems and would rather disable on-access scanning in my av, and surf with limited privileges, and only scan downloads, for better overall performance.


  14. Thanks! That was really starting to get on my nerves while downloading clients files. XD


  15. Thanks dude. It was my only complaint with FF.


  16. One more tip:

    FF needs to be restarted to work.


  17. Thank you thank you thank you! I’m pretty savvy as far as not clicking on .exe files and such. So a time-wasting scan, every time I try to download a picture, is ridiculous. You’ve saved me some hair-pulling. Appreciate you.


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