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Facebook: How To Avoid Photos Tagged Of You Showing Up Where You Don’t Want Them To. And Test It Out Yourself !


How’s that for a post title !

Seriously though, this might be one of my more important posts, as it concerns privacy in Facebook. I wanted to do a separate post, as the inspiration for it – chapter 4 of quoted source below – was a bit low on clear instructions and screenshots, and might be too advanced for basic Facebook users.

As the article describes, it is a classic Facebook problem. It is the reason why many people stop using FB, or don’t use it like it’s meant to be, just because the user doesn’t understand it or doesn’t want to spend time trying to. Although one might argue that the default settings of FB are too ‘loose’.
So anyway, one of the biggest problems is that people suddenly see themselves appear on a photo uploaded by someone else. Not only that, it got tagged, so depending on your privacy settings, the whole world can see it. And that might be a bad thing if the photo depicts something you would rather have kept hidden, aside from a select group of friends.

People have been fired over stuff like that, and the option is hard to find, so here’s how you do it.

1) Go to your profile privacy page.

2) Click the option “Photos Tagged of You” and select “Customize…”. This box will show.

3) Here is where the magic happens. Depending on what situation you wish to create, you combine the options in this box. For me, I would like all photos tagged of me to be visible to all my friends, but not the friends that are related to me professionally. To do that, I select “Only Friends”, “None of My Networks”, and I exclude the friends list I created in the past to which I added all my professional contacts.

That’s it. You can even check this (and other settings) by viewing your profile as one of your friends ! To do this, follow these simple steps:
1) Go to your profile privacy page (which might still be open from previous action).
2) Click on the “Contact Information” tab.

3) In the text box at the top, type the name of a friend to test it out. For the example above, I can type the name of one of my professional contacts, and I can instantly verify that this friend can no longer see any photos ‘tagged of me’. Only my private albums in which I had photos not tagged of me were visible to this person.

It goes to show that friends lists are a great way of managing privacy in Facebook. It also makes it more practical to keep up to date of your friends of you have a lot of them. Make sure you read the mentioned article below for tips on public visibility (not just inside of Facebook).

Inspired by this great article.


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18 thoughts on “Facebook: How To Avoid Photos Tagged Of You Showing Up Where You Don’t Want Them To. And Test It Out Yourself !

  1. Nice! I found this morning also the privacy button to get less facebook-visibility on google for your account:

    unclick “public searchpage”:


  2. Your workaround doesn’t solves the privacy problem facebook face. To solve the issue Facebook should provide mechanism to allow users select if someone can tag him/her on a picture.

    For example there should be the possibility to:

    – disallow any tagging at all.
    – to make you confirm each tag (just like you do with a friend request).

    Facebook users are aware of this problem and the lack of a solution is the reason why people are leaving facebook as you can see on this link:


  3. You are a saint. Thanks for this!!


  4. To download your tagged photos, you can use the application in the following link:


  5. What if I choose “Only me”. What happens then?


  6. God!!
    it really works!!


  7. Unfortunately, thumb nails of your profile pictures are still accessible to the google search. If you posted, let’s say, on a public facebook group, the profile picture’s thumbnail you had when you posted is searchable in Google images. I can’t figure out how to stop this. ALL my settings are friends only and my thumbnails still appear in the Google images. I think the only thing you can do is ask the creator of the group you posted on to remove your post, which (hopefully) will remove the thumbnail profile picture from public pages. Bit of a pain…


    • The fact that your profile picture is always public -and thus searchable-, along with your name, is a known fact. I’m sure this is described in their User Agreements somewhere…
      Your only option is to not use a profile picture as far as I know.

      Otherwise, direct your question to the Facebook support team for assistance.


  8. Here is my problem. I have a ‘relative’ who continues to post photos of me that I ‘DO NOT” want on facebook now or ever. I have asked her repeatedly to remove the photo and just crop herself into it. I even cropped it for her while she was here and sent her the new photo. She promised me that she would do it but continues to keep adding this photo back. Not only adding it back but posting it to her wall repeatedly showing off what I specifically asked her NOT to do. Is there anything that I can do about this?


  9. OK Here is my problem on my facebook page i have all my settings set to Friends only. So why in the world did i get a Email from fasce book asking if someone i dont know could tag one of my photos? this person isnt on my friends list or on any of my friends lists. i really dont understand this


  10. :O cool.


  11. I’m changing my profile picture to a butterfly or a tree or something. The photos of my infant are already showing up in Google Images. That’s just not right. Is there a way to have google remove them?


  12. well this is a really much needed post for me. I was very much in trouble due to this thing. thanx for sharing this dear!



    I tried looking from the settings but there is no option to control who can tag you!


  14. hello guys

    there is someone who has tagged me on FB a long time ago with my whole name for like….years! and i found out today. What is it that i can do in order for him to remove my tag???

    Have in mind that:

    1. i dont have FB
    2. im not in contact with that guy anymore and dont want to be


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