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Protect your online privacy (updated)


If you haven’t yet heard of PRISM, here’s the gist.  The NSA (National Security Agency) of the United States of America has been watching everyone on the Internet in the USA, and asking (and getting!) collaboration from national governments all over the world in disclosing private information about your person.  Those are clear violations of our basic rights to freedom and privacy.

In light of the recent PRISM reveal, there are several things you can do to help safeguard a free and open Internet.  First off, go and sign this petition:

Next up, a good idea is to have an overview of what information you publish on the big, bad interwebz. Personally, I use MyPermissions, which gives you an overview of which services see which information about you.  Very helpful if you, like me, try out many new services and sites on the web, which you may stop using after a while.

Finally, there is this web site that offers a list of privacy-safe alternatives to all sorts of popular online services and applications. 

How brilliant is that name ? PRETTY FF-ING BRILLIANT, THAT’S HOW.

Now go and protect yourself !   Go !  Shoo !



Update 20 Aug. 2013: Now this is unexpected.  Some two weeks after this post was published, I received an e-mail from a certain Mr. Sheldon Whitehouse, a US Senator.  After verifying it wasn’t a spam message, it appears to be in response to this post.  I wouldn’t know why else he (or his secretary) would send me the following message.


What’s a bit annoying, is the part where I put the second marking.  It contains my street address.  The most recent one, even, since we moved house last year.  To my knowledge, the only place I put my home address is on Facebook, where I mark it private to everyone except my close friends.  That is it.  I don’t think you will find it online if you are not connected to me directly.  It is not listed in the national phone book directory, nor do I provide it to any website, except online shops, for obvious reasons.

It’s funny then, that I receive this e-mail from a political figure, in the USA, unsollicited, talking about respect for people’s (online) privacy, while at the same time my private home address is disclosed in it.

I sent a reply today asking for an explanation.  Let’s see if it’s the typical, patronizing political communication, or if Mr. Whitehouse is a sincere man working for and close to the people like he should.

To be continued ?


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3 thoughts on “Protect your online privacy (updated)

  1. Good busy… 😉

    Print it out and hang it on the wall!


  2. That’s quite….. shocking to be honest. And the generic text makes no sense at all when you did not reach out to him in any way. He inadvertently proved the point that it’s creepy as hell!


  3. My feeling exactly. Not expecting a reply back, but will update if I do !


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