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Elsewares – Independent Art & Design aka The Cool Stuff Store

My wife pointed me to a site called Elsewares. I’m just now looking through their catalog, and I must say I’m loving it. Lots (if not all) of their products are recycled, and all of them are very creatively designed.
Prices range from under $25 to over $100, ranging from small jewelry to big wall clocks.

A few examples:

* Pine Lumen (oil lamp): very simple in design, but the projected shadow makes for an amazing effect in a dark room.
* Recycled Rubber Coasters: coasters made from recycled car tires. Eco & funny !
* Socktopus (toy): handmade from recycled sweaters.
* Nooka Zub Zot 38 (wristwatch): personal taste, but I love the design.

ELSEWARES // Independent Art & Design