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We have as good as made up our minds about a destination for our honeymoon, which will most likely be happening in the end of November. Morocco !

Initially, we thought of going to Egypt, but first of all, it’s kind of expensive, and we’ll be needing money this year (purchase of new house, wedding in November + possible additions/enhancements to the house). Secondly, we figured it’s better to take out a few more days (say a min. of 12) and do a complete trip of the most interesting places of Egypt (including Cairo, Alexandria, excursion on the desert with open-sky sleeping facilities -as in: on the sand-, Luxor, cruising the Nile and visiting the ancient temples, and Aswan).

So, looking at other countries, I was hugely interested in doing Syria (Damascus!), but in that time of year, it’s not very warm there, and it is a honeymoon you know, so that ended up on the wishlist.

Lybia had some hidden gems, but that country is hard to get in (visa), and not all that ‘stable’…

Of course popular Morocco holds the best cards then: decent enough temperature in Nov/Dec, plenty of historical sites, easy to visit… We wanted to stay for about 8 days, and mainly in Marrakech.

A friend of mine at work (the surfer dude from actually did about the same trip some time ago, and gave me some more tips on the region (he loved Ouarzazate and Essaouira). I used his advice and we visited a local travel agency, that gave us mucho kilos of reading material on the matter.

But we already made up our mind, to be honest. So we’ll soon be returning to the agency to book our honeymoon. They offer a combi of 4 days Marrakech (in a lovely riad), and 3 days in Ouarzazate (probably hotel there to really relax – we’ll be doing tough ‘field trips’ there 🙂 ). All we have to decide upon is which riad / hotel we want to book. One of our favs is this one (can be found on site of Jetair, for instance): Riad Dar El Kheir [ ].

Something warm to look forward to in winter :o]


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Sony DSC-H9 Arrived Today

I received my H9 this noon. Really looking forward to using this new camera. Still have to work for about an hour until I can try it out though. But the good part is that I had the chance to fully load my battery, otherwise I would be trying to shoot stuff with a battery capacity of 0.01% 🙂 That would be frustrating!

Once I get used to the camera, I plan to put up seperate web albums containing all sorts of (hopefully) beautiful pictures I have been taking. I’ll be trying to get some serious photography techniques down, so stay tuned.

BTW, we plan to go to Slovenia [ ] for our yearly vacation. This will happen somewhere in early September, so expect some fantastic landscape shots in a few months. We’ll probably start off in Bled [ ], and make our way through western Slovenia, all the way up to the coast for a visit to Italy’s Trieste. Probably 🙂

Update: I activated the Flickr widget, which you see here in the sidebar of my blog. It presents a view of the 5 last photos added to my Flickr account. For complete photo albums, I will still be using Google’s Picasaweb. Too bad WordPress doesn’t seem to be able to handle the RSS feed URL, otherwise I could show you this live feed in the sidebar as well 😦

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On vacation in España – Update

Together with the pictures of Paris, I put the ones I shot on our vacation in Spain also online in a little (big) web album. You can find them over at my Telenet web space [ ].

Update: they’re now at Picasaweb. Click on Photo Albums in the top menu bar.

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Paris s’éveille

Last weekend, we went to visit Paris. It was a gift to my girlfriend for our three-year ‘anniversary’ of being together.

You know how they say that the City of Lights is the most romantic city in the world? Well, that is very true when it gets dark and when the lights go on around the old buildings along the Seine. Then, it is an absolutely stunningly beautiful city, and indeed very romantic.

Yesterday, I put the pictures online here [ ].

Update: you can now find them at my Picasaweb (click on Photo Albums in the top menu bar).


On vacation in España

This will be my last post for the next two weeks. I’m leaving tomorrow morning with my girlfriend on a holiday in Spain. The plain will take off in Brussels Airport at 09:15 and we will arrive in Madrid around noon. We’ll stay there for a week, visit Toledo by train, and spend the rest of our vacation in Barcelona, from where we’ll return to Belgium on Saturday morning 9 o’clock.

I’ll take loads of pictures of course, but I’m not yet sure whether I will be able to put them online… Eventually, I will, though 😉

Ciao !