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Panda Cloud Antivirus

Cool idea that actually uses the principle of cloud computing effectively. Analysis is done by the cloud, and no more updating required.

Result: light weight virus scanner without all that other junk: webblocker, scriptblocker, firewall, adware filter, network scanner, IM scanner, …

Just virus and rootkit protection is what I need. And preferably at a low system resource cost. And preferably for freez 🙂

< currently in beta >

Panda Cloud Antivirus FREE – The first free cloud antivirus against viruses, spyware, rootkits and adware


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Ketarin – Keeping Your Install Packages Updated

Another great find by said source blog: Ketarin.
Extremely handy if you maintain an emergency USB stick with all sorts of system tools. Click the source link for a detailed description.

Source: Confessions of a Freeware Junkie

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Scheduling a Meeting Date

Just what the doctor ordered !

I regularly need to set a date for a meeting, in many cases with +10 attendees. What is the best way to do this?
I’m not even considering scheduling the meeting through Outlook (decline – propose new date – decline – propose new date – …). And what if not everybody has Outlook at their disposal…
What I found to be the best solution so far, was to write a simple e-mail message, with potential dates vertically, and attendee names horizontally, where they simply had to edit the days they were absolutely not available. I then selected the closest date on which everybody could attend.

Needless to say, this is a bit messy. And it requires close follow-up on my part. With the added bonus that sometimes people just don’t get this system, causing even more tedious, useless work.

Well, NO MORE !!!88!!!8

Via Lifehacker [ ], I came across these two (free) web applications: Doodle and When is Good (I totally dig the name of the latter).

The big strength of these solutions is the simplicity and the openness. You don’t need to register (not even the organizer of the meeting), and you can specify certain timeframes per day. They both even have the ability to take timezones into account (super handy for conference calls).

My vote goes to Doodle, because it is more versatile (aside from OK/NOT OK also a “OK if no other way possible”), and you can use it for polls as well (e.g. what business incentive do the colleagues prefer?)

Doodle [ ]
When is Good [ ]

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With all the fancy (and sometimes useless) online social applications and tools, it is becoming more and more cumbersome to just even quickly check up on things. Check your friends’ photo’s in Flickr, see their Facebook updates, see if you got mail, etc…

How many of us that are proficient on the web only have one (1) e-mail address? Congratulations, you’re a minority! You’re usually on Hotmail, because you need the MSN network for all your friends, you of course have a Gmail account coz that’s the best webmail service, you have a Yahoo account for Flickr, etc…

On top of that, you like to chat, and very often via several protocols: MSN, Google Talk or Jabber for the more professional environment, specialized groups on IRC, …

Surely you have experienced first-hand that keeping track of all these things takes a lot of time, and is not very exciting to do (visit the site, log in, check status, log out, NEXT, …). Wouldn’t it be great to just have one application (preferably installed on your local machine, so it’s fast), where you can do all of that? OF COURSE IT WOULD ! Unless you get payed to check all your private stuff at work; in that case, surf along.

I recently came across a small application called digsby, which is still being developed (currently in private beta) and tries to deliver all of the above. I tried it out already, and it does look very promising.
If you’re still reading, you’re probably interested. In that case, I suggest you click the link down below, and send them an e-mail to get an invite code, so you can try for yourself. They go more into detail on their homepage, so do like clickety clickety right away…

digsby [ ]

Oh, by the way: I’m writing this post from within the latest installation of the Flock web browser. Never heard of it? Congratulations, you’re not (yet) a minority. But it does look like the combination Flock + digsby could work wonders for one’s busy online social life.

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Lisbon album online & Google Picasa

I just uploaded the web album version of the collection of photos we took during our 3-nights citytrip to Lisbon (from 29th of March ’till the 1st of April). You can find it on my albums page (look at my blog’s header for clues!).

This time I used yet another hosting solution (as opposed to stuff like my webspaces at Telenet or Skynet, or my Live Space): Google’s Picasaweb [ ]. I tried Picasa v1 some months ago, and liked it, but nothing more. But then I came across some blog post mentioning that you can now have 1GB of storage on Picasaweb. Well, that sure sounded interesting, especially since I didn’t know of online albums hosted by Google 🙂 So redownloaded the latest version of Picasa, and I have to say it. It really is all I was looking for:

  • free hosting
  • large space (1GB – and counting)
  • some social interaction (comments, etc…)
  • downloading of whole album at once, or file per file

Picasa 2 is what you use to upload your pictures, which is a big plus compared to all those online tools. And it comes with a bucketload of extra inventive, user-friendly features such as GeoCoding via Google Earth (again, all nicely integrated), generating collages, limited editing, printing to online services, posting to your blog, etc….

One word: bigupyagoogle !

Update: I uploaded some other albums I had scattered over the web to the Picasweb site. Since I have so much spare web space available, I’m likely to upload other pictures as well, which I wouldn’t have uploaded otherwise. I’ll mention it on my blog here when I do so.

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Launchy – Windows application launcher

Remember when I talked about Colibri? Well, this is -in short- exactly the same thing, only way better.

Colibri had a lot of bugs, and wasn’t very customizable. This one is. You can skin it, select which files or folders to index, and especially: the indexing is lightning fast, you hardly notice it. Indexing meant the downfall of Colibri for me, as it indexed my start menu with every logon, and that took a whole minute (!).

If you’re into application (keystroke) launchers, you can’t go past this one.

Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher for Windows [ ]

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