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Saab unveils 9-3 BioPower Concept

The Saab BioPower Hybrid Concept runs on E100 (100% bioethanol), and delivers 260bhp without sacrificing any trunk or cabin accomodation. It is also the first hybrid convertible.

Read more @ Saab unveils 9-3 BioPower Concept [ ]

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Loremo LS Concept Unveiled @ Geneva

What this car is about, you can read in my previous post.

Now Serious Wheels has some high res pictures of it, also of when it was presented to the public on the Geneva motor show. They also provide some very detailed information about this fuel-efficient vehicle on the same page.

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Loremo 157mpg (1,5l/100km) Concept Car

Loremo AG is a German company that is planning to bring a super fuel-efficient car on the market by 2009.
It has a two-cylinder diesel engine producing 20bhp, and weighs only 992 pounds (450kg). This, in combination with a very aerodynamic design, results in a 157 miles to the gallon fuel-efficiency (or 1,5 litre / 100km)!
Better yet, it will be widely available pretty soon at a very low price as well: less than €11,000 !


There will be two models available:

  • Loremo LS
    • 2-cyl turbo diesel, 15 kW / 20 bhp
    • 0-100km/h in 20 sec.
    • top speed: 160km/h
    • 1,5l/100km (1300km with a full tank)
    • price: €11,000
  • Loremo GT
    • 3-cyl turbo diesel, 36 kW / 50 bhp
    • 0-100km/h in 9 sec.
    • top speed: 220km/h
    • 2,7l/100km (800km with a full tank)
    • price: € 15,000

Loremo [ ]

Update: Loremo updated their web site. Pay them a visit! (I updated the link above).

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