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Foxmarks – Sync Your Bookmarks

Allow me to explain.

I use two computers: my laptop at work, each weekday from roughly 9 to 5, and my desktop home pc every other time. Because I spend most time on my work machine, my laptop has the most updated bookmarks (at home, I don’t surf around as much :p). And I don’t want to manually copy bookmarks.htm around, so I thought services like and Shadows could provide some sort of solution.
Well, they don’t. They are good for social bookmarking, but not to keep bookmarks synchronized between two different machines, obviously. Besides, you want bookmarks to be fast and accessible from within the browser, not some webpage.

And then there is FoxMarks

It’s an extension (thank you Mozilla) which does nothing more than uploading your bookmarks to a server, and synchronizing each Firefox installation that runs Foxmarks and has your Foxcloud account set up. So you can even ‘share’ your bookmarks with someone, if this need should arise.

It is still in beta, but doesn’t look like it (works great).
Only for FF 1.5 (which isn’t a problem, isn’t it).

It is exactly what I needed. Sometimes the simplest of programs can be the most essential.

Foxmarks [ ]
Foxcloud blog [ ]

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Firefox Performancing extension

On the contrary to what I expected, this little extension does not -like so many others- improve the performance of Firefox. It actually brings a big part of the social functionality of Flock to Firefox. To be more precise: the blogging functionality.

It works almost exactly like it, too. The extension adds a small button on the lower right hand corner of the browser window, and when clicked, it splits the screen in two, allowing you to blog stuff to your … well, blog. 🙂 It supports technorati tags, and the blogs of Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Live Journal, MSN Spaces and a custom blog. There’s also a context menu item ‘blog this’, like in Flock.

I really like this, because now I can blog directly from my favorite browser. Flock is not yet completed, so I think I’m going to prefer the extensions in FF. Together with the extension, my Firefox now has the same social browsing skills as Flock.

Download it here.

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Firefox Extensions

Here are some Firefox extensions that add essential functionalities to the #1 browser:

CustomizeGoogle – lets you setup your favorite Inet search tool
Tabbrowser Preferences – adds way more functionality to your tabbed browsing experience
HTML Validator – enable Tidy validation on the fly – delivers social bookmarking directly to you
WebDeveloper – all the web development tools you need

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Firefox refresh / reload bug

Just to mention: the refresh function/button in Firefox doesn’t always work correctly. Apparently, this happens whenever you use a WYSIWYG editor in a window. Examples are blog posting, rich-text e-mail composing, etc…

The bug is known at Mozilla, but so far, they haven’t provided a fix.

To workaround this bug, there is no other option than to close the window or tab containing the WYSIWYG editor, and loading the site in a new tab/window.

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