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Launchy – Windows application launcher

Remember when I talked about Colibri? Well, this is -in short- exactly the same thing, only way better.

Colibri had a lot of bugs, and wasn’t very customizable. This one is. You can skin it, select which files or folders to index, and especially: the indexing is lightning fast, you hardly notice it. Indexing meant the downfall of Colibri for me, as it indexed my start menu with every logon, and that took a whole minute (!).

If you’re into application (keystroke) launchers, you can’t go past this one.

Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher for Windows [ ]

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Well, well, well. Now this is something original. It’s a resident tool, which allow you to just simply type what you need to do.

A small example: I wish to start the Add/Remove Programs dialog of control panel. What I do is this: I press the default hotkey for Colibri (which is set to Ctrl+Space, but customizable), and type “add”. Colibri then finds all executable programs in your start menu and control panel, and suggests the program you wish. It is lightning fast, as it indexes your start menu up front, so you instantly see what you want. When more then one result is found, they are returned in a dropdown, which you can navigate with your arrow keys. Start the program with Enter.

I’m sure a lot of IT-experienced people will love this little program.

Go get it here [ ].

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