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Deleting Files and Folders With Paths/Names That Are Too Long for Windows

As a follow-up on the previous post, I found a better alternative to do this if you already use node.js. There’s a util available on GitHub, called rimraf, that seems to exist purely to help you and me out with this irritating problem (on a Windows machine).

And it’s easy-peasy. Simply open your favourite node.js prompt (I like to set up everything in the excellent Cmder, btw), and install rimraf like so:

npm install -g rimraf

Then, to actually see the ‘magic’ happen, execute:

rimraf <directory_to_delete>

Could it be any easier ?



Unable to Delete File when Source Path Name Too Long

I regularly suffer from this annoying Windows treat: being unable to delete files that are located in a path which name is too long. Specifically, this occurs on files created by Node.js. Maybe that might be the reason. But it’s still illogical, since the file was allowed to be written by the OS in the first place.

2015-06-02 12_39_43-path name too long at DuckDuckGo

An example: C:\SourceTree\dso\node_modules\grunt-spritesmith\node_modules\spritesmith\node_modules\pixelsmith\node_modules\get-pixels\node_modules\ndarray-pack\node_modules\cwise-compiler\node_modules\uniq\test

You would want to do that if you want to ‘clean’ your npm install folder, for example.

With tips and tricks suggested on support forums, -at least in my case- I was unable to delete this file/folder. Nothing will work, not even an Adminstrator PowerShell console.

The only solution ? 7-Zip. Yep, that’s right, the popular compression tool. When you do Shift-Del (bypassing the Recycle Bin), it actually uses it’s own internal file engine to delete the files, instead of hooking into the operating system. As a bonus, it deletes the files faster as well.

How ? Simply open the 7-Zip File Manager, and navigate to the big bad folder (containing the files) in question. Select what you want to see gone, and press Shift-Del. Done and done.


Windows Vista

Last weekend, I installed a (legal!) version of Windows Vista Business.
I had the beta 1 and 2 on my system, and the beta 2 especially convinced me. Didn’t even look at the RC1 or RTM version.

So I chose the Business edition. I first thought I would go for the Home Premium, but that doesn’t come with Remote Desktop or IIS; bummer. Luckily the price tag isn’t as high as the Ultimate edition.

Installation went smoothly. Only my D-Link PCI wireless adapter couldn’t be installed automagically, but the old XP drivers on the manufacturer CD did the trick (even though they pop up error boxes).

Finally, a modern version of Windows. If they would have been one year earlier, they would have had the positive reviews instead of Apple’s OS X. Now everyone’s yelling Vista doesn’t have any real improvements (sigh), just because we’re all used to fancy GUIs, desktop sidebars, indexed search and the like.

Anyway. I’m enjoying this OS, and without the much ‘hyped’ performance drops might I add.

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