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Browsera: Simultaneously Test Your Web Design in Multiple Browsers

Browsera is an online service that will show you how your web site is rendered by the different browser engines, as to expose compatibility issues. It will also analyze your design and show you the parts which are prone to errors.


Too bad I’m not into web design at the moment, this tool would have saved me some time back in the day.

No more trying to install a legacy IE6 version or messing around with virtual machines etc…


As read on Lifehacker.


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Rounded Corners without Images or JavaScript

This is the first solution I’ve seen to populate a web page with boxes with rounded corners, and not using images or javascript.
It uses only CSS rendering, so your server will have to deal with no extra traffic for the rounded corners at all. Very nifty. 🙂

Making anti-aliased rounded corners with CSS [ ]