Room of a pleinolijf

Ask yourself this: how do I want to be remembered ?

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2014 model-based driver rankings

Fantastic insights. 2014 model-based driver rankings.


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Make a Pledge and Put Your Name on Honda’s F1 Car

Honda is making one huge statement in this year’s F1 season. Their 2007 Honda Racing F1 RA107 car will feature no sponsors whatsoever, but instead one big image of Earth, composed of pixellated names of persons that made a pledge on

The aim is to use Formula One’s huge global reach to highlight a huge global problem.

Nice. 🙂

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F1 Realism in Games

Simulation of reality: test lap @ Spa Francorchamps, Belgium.

On the left, a real video record; on the right, GP4 video game. Mind you, this game dates back to 2002 ! So let’s just say that today, realism in games is pretty much… near… ‘reality’. 🙂